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Nautical flags represent a maritime etiquette and code that is widely used to communicate vessel activity on the water. Each flag represents an alphabetical character whilst having a specific meaning used as a warning or to communicate. Despite their nuances, the primary palette is a striking collection of shapes and designs that come...


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Marinero features the following attributes:

• Premium quality Italian performance textiles

• Unique Babici aesthetic design

• Performance cut and trims

• 50+ FP sun protection

• High wicking lightweight fabric

• Premium details and trims

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Your Cycling kit is delicate and expensive and caring for it the right way helps to keep it intact for many seasons of riding.

Most leading apparel brands use high-quality European performance textiles and their lightweight composition can be tricky to care for.

When washing your Cycling kit, here are the fundamentals:

• Best to use an antibacterial liquid washing product

• Washing by hand in luke-warm water is recommended

• If washing in a machine, best put into a woven washing bag

• Always turn your kit inside out. It helps avoid friction from machine wall contact

• Always hang your kits on clothes hangers to dry

• Dry in the shade where possible. The Sun can deteriorate printed fabrics

• Never tumble or dry clean your kits

Please remember Cycling kits are hand-made and in most cases machine stitched.
Their lightweight nature and harsh treatment in the saddle does fatigue the garments and stitching can come undone and
is deemed wear and tear under Babici's product liability and warranty.